Friend-ly School Express to the Library

With help from a grant from the Friends of the Libraries of Hawaii, FOLK is
providing funds for bus transportation from the Kona Elementary schools to
visit the Kailua-Kona Public Library, targeting second grade classes from
twelve local elementary schools.
●        Hosted by the Kailua-Kona Library Children’s Librarian, Jennifer Losalio
        to provide students with a Library tour.

●        Teach students about the Library and its policies.

●        Issue the students their own library cards.

●        Reiterate the importance of reading.

●        Make students aware of the resources available at the Library for both
     their education and entertainment.

●        Story reading

Here are some of the student thank you responses:  

“Thanks for the money for the bus to the Library!  I loved it, seriously I loved it! I
don’t think anybody else wrote this but I love to read so much that I would die if
I didn’t read for a week…”

“We went to the public library today.  Thank you for making it possible.  I
learned that we can learn about a lot of stuff and we can read about anything
we want.”

“You are so kind to pay for the bus.  I really enjoyed my time at the library.  I
liked looking at all the cool books.  I loved riding the bus, it’s so bumpy. Bonk,
Friendly Bus