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                                          F.O.L.K. SCHOLARSHIP POLICIES AND PROCEDURES

It is the policy of F.O.L.K. to annually award a scholarship to a student who is attending the University of Hawaii for
the purpose of obtaining a Masters in Library and Information Science degree or who is pursuing a master degree in
library and information science through an American Library Association accredited on-line program. The amount of
the scholarship will be $2,000 unless the board adopts a different amount.

F.O.L.K. Scholarship Committee: Scholarship committee is three F.O.L.K. members appointed by the President, at
least one of whom is a board member. The committee will review applications and award the scholarship. Awards
determined from the written information. No personal interviews will be conducted. A scholarship committee member
must disqualify self if a relative applies for the scholarship. The scholarship committee chair will notify board
members and applicants of the committee’s decision by June 2.

Criteria for determining scholarship
•        Hawaii State Resident, preference to Hawaii Island resident
•        Master’s in Library and Information Science candidate at University of Hawaii or through an American Library
Association accredited on-line master in library and information science program.
•        Recommendations, scholarship, activities, and candidate’s written statement

Application – required information:
•        Completed application form – available on F.O.L.K. website
•        Personal letter describing applicant’s objectives and reasons for pursuing a         library career that would be
helpful for the committee award the scholarship.
•        Signed Scholarship Policy Statement
•        Two letters of recommendation by persons who know applicant and are not related to applicant sent directly to
the F.O.L.K. Scholarship Committee.
•        Official transcripts of undergraduate work and any graduate work sent directly to F.O.L.K Scholarship

Policy statement – See Friends of the Libraries, Kona “Policy Statement”

Application deadline – April 30, 2018

Publicity: All scholarship information will be posted on the F.O.L.K. website including the application forms and policy
statement. Send F.O.L.K. scholarship information and link to the UH Department of Library and Information Sciences
and to the ALA accredited on-line programs. Announce and attach application to F.O.L.K. website, and send press
releases to the West Hawaii Today, and other press release outlets.

Scholarship awarded by June 1, 2018.

Responsibilities of Awardees: Provide picture of award recipients for F.O.L.K. publicity. Keep in touch with F.O.L.K. at
graduation and when at least first professional position is received. Return entire award within two years after leaving
the program if candidate does not graduate within three years. Attend a F.O.L.K. annual meeting if available if
Scholarship Policy and Procedures
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