Seeking volunteers for Library Count Week – October 18-22

Aloha Dear Friends,

It’s that time of year again when we get to count noses. Always a great and EASY volunteer opportunity is coming up during the week of OCTOBER 18-22. It is Count Week for all Hawai’i Public Libraries. Library patronage is a key component in establishing working budgets for the libraries. The more people we have passing through our doors, the more opportunities for funding and programming. During Count Week, we physically count each person that walks into the library and report our data back to the State Library Office in Honolulu. The data is organized, published for public review, and presented to the Hawai’i State Legislature for financial support. So, information we gather is very important to the future funding of our local libraries..

Wouldn’t you love to join the effort and be a counter? It’s easy and you just might get to meet some friends you haven’t seen in a while. The job entails sitting at a small desk at the library entrance and counting each person that enters the library using a small clicker counter. At the end of 1 hour, you record the number of people who have entered on a tally sheet, reset the counter to 0 and start the process again for the next hour. You get to sit for a couple of hours in an air conditioned environment and lift nothing heavier than a pencil. While counting, you can read, dabble on your phone or tablet or just smile at everyone as they walk by.

We need to cover all hours that the library is open for business. Listed below are the available shifts for each day of the week. Notice that hours are different depending on the library schedule for that day. Please, if you would like to work a shift, REPLY ( to this email indicating the DAY and TIME SLOT you would like. Be sure to include a contact TELEPHONE NUMBER. Please state your name clearly as it is not always obvious from your email address.

Mahalo for your kokua and here’s hoping you can find a couple of hours to spend in the library.



  • 5:30-7:00

The other shifts have been filled. Mahalo!

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