2023 F.O.L.K. Board Meeting Minutes

2023 F.O.L.K. Board Meeting Minutes

The Friends of the Libraries Kona (F.O.L.K.) board meets every third Tuesday at 4-6 p.m. The minutes from each meeting are available below.


F.O.L.K. Monthly Board Meeting Minutes January 31,2023
Kailua Kona Branch Library Lanai.

In Attendance:
President Ken Guerra, Vice President Bill Lazar, Treasurer Mary Ellen Jaske, Secretary Julie Leonard, Alysha Naone Programs, Director, Trish Sierer Publicity Director, Mardee Richardson Ways and Means Director
Julia Riley Kailua Kona Interim Branch Manager and Judy Andrews Kealakekua Branch Manager
No Guests

1. Call to Order at 10:05 by President Ken Guerra
2. Review and Approve December 20, 2022 Minutes: MSA
3. Set Schedule/Calendar of Board Meetings for 2023: The Monthly Board Meetings will be on the third Tuesday of the month from 4:00pm to 6:00pm at the Kailua Kona Branch Library and on occasion at the Kealakekua Branch Library. Ken will coordinate with the Branch Managers for scheduling.
All Board members were encouraged to post their scheduled vacations on the Google Workspace Calendar and to partner with someone to cover their responsibilities while gone.
Electronic attendance will be possible but as we are a new board in person attendance is encouraged.
4. Match Job Descriptions w/ Tactical Activities (handout). Reviewed.
5. Transition Strategies (who has what, who trains whom) Reviewed. It was discussed that F.O.L.K. will not be buying books for the book club anymore and that club members will be encouraged to order the book from the Library, Buy the book or use Libby or Overdrive if cost is an issue.
6. Strategy Building/ FOLK Foundations (handout). Reviewed.
7. Homework/Progress Reports:
A. Mardee needs access to Mail Chimp
B. Is PayPal the best collections app or should we use something else?
C. Get Google Workspace running and access for all board members. Establish a calendar, upload founding documents.
D. Each Branch Manager will present their Budget at the February Meeting.
8. Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 21,2023 at 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Kailua Kona Branch Library.
9. 11:45 Meeting Adjourned. Respectfully Submitted by Julie Leonard, F.O.L.K. Secretary.

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