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FOLK VOLUNTEER OHANA This is the heart of FOLK.  We invite those members, not currently actively engaged with FOLK to join our Volunteer Ohana.  If you know anyone not currently involved with F.O.L.K. please let them know about us. Please contact us at: folk@folkhawaii.com. We are also offering the following opportunities and appreciate any amount of time you are able to give.  Please discuss with the contact persons below.

Lobby Book Sales                                            konakeni@gmail.com

Lanai Book Sales (currently Suspended)        konakeni@gmail.com

Flyer Distribution                                            konakeni@gmail.com

Sorting Books                                                  konakeni@gmail.com

Programs                                                         sdmytrenko1@gmail.com

Count Week                                                     konakeni@gmail.com

Summer Reading Program                            folk@folkhawaii.com

Fundraiser                                                        konakeni@gmail.com

Book Delivery                                                  konakeni@gmail.com


Community Seed Library Kipapa.Kahelahela@librarieshawaii.org

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