Donations & Grants

Your generous donations and grants enable F.O.L.K. to support our libraries, literacy, our scholarship recipients and our community.  Through your increased donation levels we can continue our support of the libraries and meet the needs of our Kona communities.  Mahalo.

Friends of the Libraries, Kona Acknowledges the Generosity of these 2022 Major Donors

Thank you for your generous contributions in support of our Kona Public Libraries


Anonymous Grant to the F.O.L.K. Scholarship Fund

James and Linda Odom Kid's Reading Program

Arne & Ruth Werchick MLIS Scholarship Fund

Irene Horvath

Keith & Joyce Kimball F.O.L.K. Scholarship Program


Don & Roberta Gallagher

In Memoriam Donations

Members have asked to make a donation to F.O.L.K. on behalf of a deceased loved one.  Donations will be acknowledged with a new book with a book plate honoring the memory of your loved one and it will be added to one of our library collections.  

In Memoriam Donations will be accepted at levels of $50.00 or more.

In Memoriam

We remember those who have passed away in the last year and the generosity of the members who made donations in their names.

Brianna Alvarez

Kate Goodson

Fred Hornbruch III

Joan Kitchen

Denise Ulrich

Don Wray

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